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Hey I made height chart for Teri and his family, I would love if you added comments about height of your OCs too, please. Height chart by Hoples

Teri is OC for Pharos-Academy 

    1.       Teri was based on different OC I have. Her name is  Theresa Freiflug, her theme is inspired by Black Widow and she has similar weapon to Teri, but uses wires as main weapon and poisons as secondary. She also doesn’t have spider parts in normal state.

I seriously love idea that spider male is smaller and tiny compared to females. So Teri’s mom and sister are about 6 feet tall what makes tiny Teri looks really out of place next to them. I will try to make sketches of them really soon. Teri has spider eyes, poisonous fangs and additional spider limbs.

    3.       Teri had quite boring childhood if you don’t count running away from his crazed sister and mother who tried to train him from young age, trying out moves on him and not giving him food if he wasn’t able to steal it. His sister can make her own silk, which Teri envy. His mother has long spindly limbs and instead spider legs she has additional arms.

Teri’s mother -Carmen- is strong independent woman that joined Hunters and became feared for her strength and imposing figure. And she behaves same at home. Harsh and headstrong woman that is proud to be spider faunus and teaches her children to be proud too. Also she made them fight for food, to her weaklings don’t deserve anything.

Teri’s big sister –Sharlo- can make spider silk and has long pointy legs and really big booty. Instead one pair of dominant eyes with secondary pairs she has 8 small ones making her look really bizarre but even more deadly as her kicks are known to take down wall. She too joined Hunters. She is distant and cold towards Teri seeing him as weakling and burden.

His dad –Solomon- never played huge part in Teri’s life.  He spend most of his time away, working night shifts at energy plant away from home and coming only for few days in several years. He is around 5’ 3’’ feet tall and like Teri has additional spider legs, his are longer and more fragile than Teri’s and as his daughter can make his own silk. Nothing much than he is scared of his wife and daughter is not known to Teri.

    4.       Siva is Slovakian name for grey. Sivak is name for grey horse… I think. … But it sounds so nice.

    5.       Sad Headcanon time: Teri can go partly blind or temporarily blind if he is flashed by bright light. He is quite defenceless without his sight and this would made him depressed (not to mention if his mother finds out she would disown him, crippled son is weakling that won’t be welcomed in her home anymore). And thanks to his many eyes he sees more colours than normal people, helping him with hunting, sewing and seeing in darkness. Sometimes he uses his mask as really cool sunglasses.

    6.       After long period of time Teri needs to stretch his additional spider legs. Longer he hides them folded against his body it would hurt more when he would use them again, stretching or using them in battle. It’s possible to catch him stretching his spider limbs in hidden location mainly in forest. This is only time he would be seen without his shirt and if pain is really unbearable he would hiss and shed several tears.

    7.       Teri doesn’t know what flirting is. Seriously he would compliment people, call boys pretty, compliment everybody out of blue, hug them and so on, but he doesn’t know that it could be taken in any different way than friendly. And even though he would be educated about dating and such… he would probably be more inclined to flirt with boys than girls who he respects.

    8.       Teri hides that he is spider faunus not because he is afraid but because he knows that people are afraid of spiders and would be scared to come closer to him because he is poisonous and so.

    9.        Surprisingly Teri didn’t hatch from egg. He has enough spider things to go on, yet it was funny to see him bite doctor after his birth with fully developed fangs and knock him out. Thanks for asking Broeckchen.

    10.   Introduce him to pranking and you will have uncontrollable pranking machine on your hands. I warn you kindly not to explain what prank is to Teri. He is nocturnal and will spend his nights running around campus pulling pranks on everybody well… every boy. He has so much energy and doesn’t know how to use it. Pranking would be just asking for catastrophe.


Well, here you have it. 10 facts about Teri. And since Im kind here is little bit more instead of tagging other people


    11.   Teri tends to stretch his vowels like sooooo. And normaly uses sing song voice.

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